Skin burned from radiation

Posted by jwf227 @jwf227, May 30 8:13am

My skin is burned from 35 rounds of proton radiation. What is the best treatment? It is peeling and the blisters are very painful.

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My neck was very very burnt from the radiation, and I was advised by my care team to use 4 products in conjunction with each other to assist in healing:
• Aquafor/lidocaine mixture,
• Xeroform (Dukal Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze, Sterile, 5" W x 9"),
• Domeboro (Domeboro Rash Relief Medicated Soak, Calming & Soothing, Powder Packets)
• Gauze that was like a turtle neck (couldn’t find the exact brand).

Two or three times each day, I would first soak my neck using a medicated wash called Domeboro. I would dip a bandana in the solution and wrap it on my neck for perhaps 20 minutes. I would then mix Aquafor and liquid lidocaine 50/50%. I would open a Xeroform strip, unfurl it, cut it in two pieces and spread the Aquafor/lidocaine mixture on one side of the Xeroform and put it on my neck with the mixture against my neck. I would use the gauze to hold it in place. I would leave it on for perhaps an hour or more, until it felt like it was drying.

For me, after the Domeboro, the skin actually looked kind of white and gelatinous. As it healed, the skin area like that decreased, I guess meaning it was healing. I did this for close to 2 months after treatment until my neck appeared healed.

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I used vinegar and water soaks and I think it was that hydration that did the most healing. The Aquaphor retained the moisture but without the hydration I wonder how my healing would have progressed. I used the Xeroform, too and that was great for keeping the ointments in the right place. Now that I'm healed I still use CeraVe cream and Nutragena sunscreen cream 70.


Not sure I have your I.D. right.
I had 30 rounds of proton radiation but never any blisters. I did get the red skin on both sides of body around hips just like a bad sun burn. That sun burn after treatment stopped slowly went to a tan look and eventually went away. I was well aware of this as R/O not only vebally advised but the information packet also gave information on it.

However blisters sounds much more worse that what literature said could occur. It maybe that your skin is very sensitive and or are you taking medications that make you more sensitive to radiation damage just like the warn you when taking some medications to limit your time in sun as medication makes you more sensitive.

My dermatologist also advised me normal part of radiation treatment and will go away. However blisters? I hope you addressed this with your R/O.
Good luck!!

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