Silent Migraines

Posted by gwynboom @gwynboom, Dec 16, 2018

I’m not sure if this is the correct area to post this… I’m new on here.
My 31 year old son 5 years ago began experiencing slight dizziness. Which 5 years later has progressed to extreme dizziness, unstable feeling, feeling like he’s going to faint, feeling of unwell. I’ve seen him go from being very active to literally not being able to get out of bed with these symptoms. His PCP referred him to a neurologist who referred to a cardiologist to rule out heart issues.. were none then to a ENT to rule out inner ear issues.. there were none. Migraines with pain run in my family.. the neurologist states due to the history and his symptoms he diagnosed vestibular migraines but not concrete on the diagnosis. He’s taking Amovig a new migraine injection.. helps some .. he’s also taking profanol for his anxiety issues he’s now developed. He’s had to file for short term disability due to this. He is also monitoring what he eats for triggers. These symptoms go from slight to extremely severe daily. What else can I do? Has anyone experienced this? And if so how are you? We feel so alone in this!!

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Hello everyone. I developed very weird symptoms that I never had before. In the begging I thought that I am very tired and stressed out. I am not experiencing any headaches. Usually starts with sudden severe weakness and tiredness, then I feel like I need cut down noise and lights. If I don't do it I became nauseous and irritated. I usually go to my bedroom, shut down lights and noise, and sleep for hours in the darkness. This can least over 24hours. Slight dizziness can continue up to 48 hours, and it feels like hang over. Sometimes I feel slight tingling on the left side of my face. Those symptoms usually happen once a month. I think that I have silent migraine.


I have had some of your symptoms and was seeing a neurologist at the time mostly for other reasons. He, by accident, discovered a rare AVM and a medium and small aneurysm. Symptoms progressed and they decided to do an angiogram through the groin and into the outer part of the brain to repair the faulty connection of the vein and artery located before the aneurysm. My diagnosis was called arteriovenus fistula (AVM) Well, the story got a little more complex but l would suggest seeing a neurologist based on my experience. But don’t worry too much a lot of more simple neurological and other reasons can cause the symptoms. I still have some headaches that I believe fits the narrative of “silent migraine”. Prior to the headaches, l have noticed I feel strange and foggy thinking before the headaches. The bright lights sensitivity is so aweful and headache too. Hope an MRI finds the cause for you as it did for me. Warm wishes for a good recovery for good!


My22 yo daughter diagnosed w vestibular migraines, no headache but symptoms u describe and vertigo w vomiting. Also diagnosed ssri antidepressant to “treat” but has caused all kinds of other probs. I feel for you, it has been debilitating. Honestly if my daughter would hydrate and switch to a Whole Foods diet I think it would help… she won’t. Maybe your son is mature enough to try. I would def make sure clean Omega 3/6, D and a B complex. I’d research naturopath:integrative doc who can help remove heavy metals from brain .. my daughter is too stubborn to try anything but the truck load of prescriptions that don’t keep her from having episodes at least once per month. She also has extreme motion sickness, maybe a correlation? Her symptoms came on at 18. God bless and heal your son and my girl!

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