Anyone else dealing with shingles?

Posted by oldkarl @oldkarl, Apr 20 12:18pm

I now have shingles. My inoculation this year did not work. In fact, I am worried that I was given something else, as my shingles started up about two months after the shot.

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4 years ago I had a severe case around my left lower side to my back the nerve pain has never gone away numbness and spiky pain from spine to back keep your stress low take vitamin D and soak in epsom salts after you get over the lesions.

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@momx5dea 4 years of suffering? I am so sorry. Thanks for sharing.


I was very sick with the first Shingrex vaccine. I, literally, couldn't get out of bed all day until the nighttime. I was afraid to get the second injection, but I did. I was fine with the second one. The covid vaccine will be a different story. I'm going to wait longer to get it; not enough time for safety data.

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Speaking with dr falci about vaccines on Wednesday.

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I had the original shot for shingles when I turned 60; however 10 years later I had the worse case of shingles my caregivers had ever seen. Acupuncture and Chinese ointments helped me recover. Now I have itching in one spot on my back and
Once in a while ongoing nerve pain.

Now I wonder if I should get the newer shot? Has anyone had two shots?

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Hi, debating whether to get second, after 10 yrs) or not. PCP says I should but so many conditions going on. Back in 80’s different PCP encouraged me to get the Lymes Vaccine. Only lasted about 2 years. I had awful reaction and swear it was beginning of mess I’m in today. Good luck with Shingles Vac.


I've had two small cases of shingles, yet they were real misery. I got the original vaccine a few years ago, but in another 2 or 3 I am getting the new ones, which are 90% preventive. No problem with vaccines.

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