Posted by Mtn_Lvr @mtn_lvr, Jul 4, 2018

I'm pre-liver transplant and have horrible shaking/trembling hands. Does this stop or reverse?

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@mtn_lvr Yes, it does stop. Funny, I was just mentioning this yesterday. Pre-transplant when I tried to take pictures they were all blurry. I also had great difficulty eating soup, and my handwriting became completely illegible. It did not reverse entirely immediately. I wouldn't say it was very gradual but it did get better somewhat immediately and then continued to improve until I was back to normal. The doctors I went to, prior to my NASH cirrhosis diagnosis, thought it was "essential tremor".


@mtn_lvr I also had hand tremors and my hand writing was illegible too. My hands shook while trying to eat or pick things up. Eventually it stopped but it took a while.


@mtn_lvr, I want to extend a Welcome to Mayo Connect. This is a place where you can meet others who are living with transplant conditions. I see that you have already met some of our other members who are familiar with the same bothersome symptom of shakiness. I want to invite you to look thru our the transplant discussions and to join in anywhere, anytime.
I see that you are pre-liver transplant. I am a liver/kidney recipient (2009) and I send my sincere best wishes to you as you move forward on the path to transplant.
Are you on the waiting list, or are you preparing for evaluation process? How can I help you? What questions would you like to ask?


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