Shaking vision & vertigo after laying down for a while

Posted by alyxed @alyxed, Oct 15 11:47pm

Earlier this year I began experiencing a sudden rush of vertigo after laying for down a while it feels like every thing, including myself, is spinning extremely fast. If I open my eyes, everything is shaking and “vibrating”. The vertigo feeling goes away when my eyes are open, I just get nauseated from the vision issue. There’s no double vision. I’ve been told it’s BPPV, but I’ve followed all recommendations and exercises. The issues still trying to fall asleep for half an hour or happen in the middle of the night. Anyone experienced something like this?

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About 12 hrs after taking the Pfizer 2023-24 Covid vaccine, I experienced a pretty good attack of vertigo and loss or spatial orientation–I tilted to one side when walking! I'd been sleeping and had gotten up to go to the bathroom. I managed to complete the task and get back into bed. A few hrs later, when I awoke, I had a little ataxia but the head spinning and dizziness were almost gone. In a day or 2, the symptoms were entirely gone. Nothing so bad that I won't take another Covid vaccine, but I'll make sure I'm settled in the house for at least 12-24 hrs after doing so.

I checked it out and found that vestibular neuronitis has been reported (rarely) after an mRNA vaccine. I have a weird autonomic nervous system disorder and found this 2014 article, which states: Redistributions of blood elicited by vestibular stimulation are mainly accomplished through the actions of the sympathetic nervous system, and have been termed “vestibulo-sympathetic reflexes” (VSR). "

There are lots of drivers of vertigo and dizziness, but, for me, this explanation looks promising. Also, you may want to check out the 8th cranial nerve, which seems also to come into play.

Good luck.


Any time I lay down I experience vertigo and when I get up I wait a minute or two before I get on my feet. Also when I go to bed if I roll over to my left side, vertigo for a few seconds to a minute. No problem on my right side but in a siting position I have experience vertigo, prior to getting up.


Have you ever been checked for POTS?

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