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Sexual obsession

Posted by @teresaann66, Nov 15, 2012

Is it normal for a man of 50 to want sex every day? When I’m feeling down or sick he will criticize me for not pleasing him for a couple of days? Does he have a obsession? I need help!

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Posted by @alkali, Nov 18, 2012

No you don’t! Your partner is very normal and unless he does it more than six times daily you need not to worry.


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Posted by @piglit, Nov 19, 2012

I myself would be concerned if this was occuring on a daily basis with a 50year old man. He should not find the need to require this at this age. on a daily basisI feel saddened that he critiizies you if you are feeling sick and not in the mood for this, I don’t know how long youv’e been together but at this age you should be comfortable to just be with each other. As for not been concerned until 6 times daily to me is right out of the square. I would say that he may very well be obsessed with sex and maybe go and speak to your Dr in regards to this Take care Piglit

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