Sexual addiction

Posted by mikaylar @mikaylar, Dec 11, 2022

How do I help a friend who has a sexual addition to exposing himself? I'm looking for in-person support groups. Also, I know he'll need counselling and anti-depressants. I don't know where to go for advice.

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SA Anonymous. Nonprofit group that uses the principles and steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Have free meetly meetings. Best of luck, but you may want to join Alanon and use their steps and principles by substituting the word alcoholic for sexual addiction in order to help yourself. He or she may not want to quit their behavior.


There’s a group called Sex and Love Addiction Anonymous (SLAA) with both in-person and online meetings. It’s a 12-step program based on AA. That website lists available meetings. It’s up to your friend to take action. The suggestion that you get help through Alanon is spot-on. Regardless of the path your friend takes, get help for yourself. Well wishes.


Mayo Clinic IS THE BEST. Ever since it’s inception the Mayo Clinic has been the forerunner in Medicine. The future of medicine will be well served.


I am a sex addict. I am in desperate need of a community that I can attend or have online group meetings. I live in a very rural area of Iowa. I have not found anything yet. Plz help


I am sorry you are suffering so!

I don't like to give advice, but I will tell you my story.

At fifteen I was sexually abused by a female teacher twice my age.

I was further abused by the people she introduced me to.

After two years of abuse, drugs and alcohol I was finally hospitalized at age eighteen. From eighteen to thirty I had more liaisons then I will admit to. I hurt a great number of people, mostly broken people like me, who could ill afford more suffering.

It wasn't until I found a gifted therapist who helped me understand that no one could heal the trauma that I and others had caused me, except me. I needed nine years of therapy, sometimes daily, and a very loving therapist to cope with the pain, but I survived

Shortly after I met my wife and found love for the first time.

I have been faithful to that love for thirty years even though she divorced me, for other reasons, ten years ago.

Having found love and realizing how much I hurt other people it is impossible for me to have physical intimacy with another human being without our souls becoming intimate first.

And who knows, if I am a bright enough light maybe my wife will see me and remember the man she feel in love with not the man she had to leave.

Few people have the courage to come forward and talk about what I call a "love addiction" but is really very deep wounding that has not healed.

You have a remarkable life ahead of you. Find I therapist you can trust and gently take the scabs off. It will hurt but you will survive.

I guess I just did give advice, sorry!

I hope you find the peace you deserve.

Oh, I also attended AA/NA/SA meetings concurrent with therapy.

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