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Severe peanut allergy

Posted by @photogal10, Oct 2, 2012

HI! I am a mother to a severely peanut allergic 6 yr. old son. I am wondering if there are any other parents out there dealing with the same diagnosis as I’m looking for support and advice on how to keep my son safe in an environment where peanut products are everywhere.

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Posted by @anon98332461, Oct 4, 2012

My son also has this horrible peanut allergy! He is now 11 and it does get easier with age! You just have to make sure his school knows his classroom has to be peanut free he also has to have epi pen at school and make sure he is never to take snacks from anyone. I supply my sons snacks even though the classroom is peanut free that way hes always safe. In the lunchroom he has to have a safe place to sit and make sure the school knows no one around him has peanut products. I have taught my son to read labels and not to let other people feed him ! Its hard but trust me it does get better the older he is. Good luck!


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Posted by @photogal10, Oct 4, 2012

Thanks Loli – the school is all set; we have a 504Plan and my son carries his meds on him. They don’t offer peanut free classroom though they encourage parents to not bring in peanut products, yet they do 🙁 It’s just hard having to rely on them to provide his meds immediately if he needs them. Also the labeling laws are so unreliable because although the allergens have to be stated, they leave the other notices like “made on the same equipment, made in a factory that processes peanuts, etc” voluntary for the company to disclose making labels really not that helpful. If I really need to know, I have to call the company and that is such an inconvenience. Label laws need to be changed to include it all. Thanks for helping me feel like it will get better as he ages.


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Posted by @yusofa, Oct 9, 2012

Recently there was a tv doc called “Edible Enemies” where a chef has a son allergic to peanuts, also another child–excellent advice. But will add cashews are not tree nuts if people check, they have their own problems, but not the same as regular tree nuts. Nephew, a devote Roman Catholic, is on a kosher diet to avoid milk and nuts. Read about how kosher labels, checks factories, soil, packaging, food line, etc. and where you can call for complete list of ingredients. Other certifying agencies are circle around k, there is another in Chicago, Fla., Baltimore, four in NY alone. You can check kosher kitchens as a customer too. So kosher has been a life saver for my nephew. You will find on labels, “MADE ON SAME LINE AS NUTS” or if you see a “D” on a can of tuna by kosher label, it means it contains dairy. Each agency publishes magazines and each site has warnings about products, even fake labels companies try to use. My nephew had his company change him to NY so he lcould get kosher food and take customers to restaurants he can check. Otherwise, you will have to be your own food police in your own home. Check out the shows.

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