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Severe nausea weakness dizziness temporary vision lost sudden heat

Posted by @stomachtroubleneedhelp in About Kids & Teens, Jul 3, 2012

A couple months ago I was just getting out the shower and in the mirror putting on make up and I all of sudden got super nauseas and ran in the bathroom because I felt like I was about to throw up,I got really hot and started sweating all over my vision got very blurr and i saw blue spots flickering as if someone flashed a camera light directly in my eye,my stomach started hurting and I got extremely weak I could barely move and i could barely breath,I took a tiny sip of water and layed down for 5 minutes and it felt like my heart was beating in my head after 5 minutes it went away and then about a hour later I was cooking breakfast and it did it again but didn't last quite long,when it was done i ate breakfast and it didnt do it anymore that dayr,it felt like I was about to die, pretty often it starts to feel like its trying to come back but doesn't come full like it did the first time I thought it was because that night before I didn't eat anything but that can't be it if it's still trying to reoccur now has anyone had this before?whats going on????

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Posted by @asclepiasincarnata, Jul 5, 2012

This happens to me a bit frequently too. I've been to the doctor for it and they wanted some blood work done but haven't found anything major yet though. I hope you get better and you're not alone!


Posted by @stomachtroubleneedhelp, Jul 5, 2012

Im so glad I'm not the only one thats experienced this,thanks and let me know of you come across any diagnosis please.


Posted by @anon36854734, Oct 12, 2012

I have same problem every day. I went to doctor they did the blood test every thing came out normal. But i have stress anxiety. And i have low blood pressure. I have trouble breathing i have chest tightens. I try to lay down for a little but still the same. Dont worry every body have problems with something u r not alone. Take care feel better


Posted by @anon81082521, Jul 9, 2012

Do you have headaches or migraines, Sometimes you people talk about the "auras" they get before they have one.
Or it could be cause by a drop in blood pressure or low blood sugar, and if you didn't eat, your blood sugar drops because your body's trying to find what it needs, so you break into a sweat (diaphoretic), and might even get the child, light headed, dizziness, nauseated. Kinda like Brung car sick, without being in the car. It's called a hypoglycemic episode. Just simply low blood sugar.


Posted by @anon81082521, Jul 9, 2012

Wow, auto correct...
After the sweating, it's suppose to say chills


Posted by @stomachtroubleneedhelp, Jul 9, 2012

if its low blood sugar it must drop very often because this comes more frequent than it should and sometimes Ill eat and still have them


Posted by @anon81082521, Jul 11, 2012

If there are underlying problems with high or low sugar you can still experience these things.


Posted by @kaybaker987, Jul 23, 2012

Sounds like a vasovagal.

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