Severe leg cramps

Posted by Dawn, Volunteer Mentor @dawn_giacabazi, Jun 25, 2016

Please someone tell me the trick to relax severe leg cramps???? Lord, they are lasting 1-2 hours, debilitating pain. Can’t walk them off. Starting behind the knees down to my toes. Some curl my toes some point them. Tried stretching, bio feedback relaxation. NO HELP!! HELP!


A Homeopathic remedy called "Leg Cramps" and its sister product "Leg Cramps PM" work great for me — available at Walgreens, Walmart, King Sooper (in Colorado) and probably lots of other chain markets….

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Hi @gkleiner1. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thanks for sharing what works for you- that's helpful information. I wonder if this is something safe for kids to use?


Bonnie: Use it as it comes out of the wrapping. I use it dry, just rub it on the cramp area when it occurs. If you don't like the residue that it leaves, you can wash it off after the cramp is gone. I don't wash it off. But there is no reason you can't wash it off. I keep the soap next to my bed because I mostly get the cramps in my legs at night.

Some people leave the soap under their bottom bedsheet and it works for them that way. I also use it to calm the arthritic pain in my shoulder. I hope it gives you some relief!

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@ladybugmg I think I may have to buy some Irish Sping! I don’t often have cramps now but when I did they were so horrible that I wish I knew about this. I wonder if it works on the cramps from cirrhosis.


Have you tried taking Magnesium supplement? Or using Magnesium oil? Google Magnesium as there are some good articles out there about Magnesium and muscle cramps.
The Magnesium oil is rubbed directly into skin. It best when mixed with a carrier oil of your choice. I use coconut oil. I use both for leg cramps. I also soak in a tub with Epsom salts. There is also an over the counter supplement called SPORT LEGS (available on Amazon) this has helped me considerably when cycling or swimming when I frequently get cramps.
Pickle juice also works.
One question…..are you on cholesterol medication? Statins can cause cramping. My sister had the same cramping you are describing and she was on statins. Talk to your doctor if you are taking them. She actually got off of them and no more cramps for her.


I had been getting "Charlie Horses" from time to time. Recently try to do some squats at home every day and have also been soaking in a jetted tub (don't need it to be jetted though) with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts (which is magnesium). I put in two or three handfuls under running water and try to stay in the tub no less than 15 minutes. I think it not only helps with leg/foot cramps but also with reducing inflammation. I have osteoarthritis (knees and fingers) as well as carpal tunnel. I think it helps these too, and feel like a million dollars after these baths. I purposely don't rinse off my knees in the shower afterwards (although not doing so my be drying to your skin).


I have also been taking magnesium pills (300 to 500 mg) daily. I don't know if this helps. It is my understanding that magnesium is better absorbed through the skin in bath water.


@marthajean Welcome to connect Your right anything is better absorbed through the skin I too have leg cramps but deal with them with Epsom Salt rub there is a product by ProCure

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