Adults On The Autism Spectrum

Posted by Mamacita, Volunteer Mentor @mamacita, Apr 29, 2018

Maybe you were really shy as a child. Perhaps you took home a huge stack of books from the school library, read them, and returned them the next day. Or did your best friend find you crying in your closet, unable to answer the question “Why?” At any rate, your life could be traced to the Self-Help section of the local bookstore. Unfortunately, most of the books were not much help. ADHD seemed to fit, at times. Your shrink said you might be Bi-Polar, although she wasn’t really certain. All you knew was that you rarely fit in, anywhere. One day at work, it hit you square in the face: I don’t speak these people’s language! Really, it was like you were all playing this game, and everyone knew the rules but you. You couldn’t tell a joke, and you never “got” any joke your co-worker tried to tell you. People started getting annoyed with you, because you had a memory like a steel trap. They didn’t appreciate it when you called them on the carpet. Who knew? This was my life, and worse. I finally aced several tests that pointed me to the answer to my questions. The Autism Spectrum. Guess what? Little kids with Autism grow up to be Adults with Autism. Diagnosed late in life? This is the place for you!


Good morning guys and dolls! @mamacita here wirh late breaking news!

April is over!!! Yay!!!!
No more "Light It Up blue"……
No more "#%^%# Speaks……when only four per cent of their budget actually goes for services to Autistic people.
No more mamallamadrama about how horrible it is to have an Autistic child.
No more Search For A Cure…..we are not sick. We are not diseased. We want to live.
No more actively treating us like we are not even in the room.

Autism Acceptance. We are beyond the "Aware" stage.

Thank you all for welcoming us here. We hold no negative thoughts towards those who have not reached this point of view.

We all grow at a different rate. I clearly remember being shocked and angry when I learned that some folks want to prevent us from even being born.

Autism is not a disease. It is not a mental illness. It is not a disability. It is simply a differently wired brain.

If you need more information on this, I suggest you start with Everyday Aspbergers, written by the noted author and speaker, and Autism Advocate, Samantha Craft. There are many others I can mention at another time.

Normally I am cozysquishyhuggyGramma on here. But when people start giving little ones bleach enemas to "cure" their child's Autusm, it's time to step up the game.

Don't be misinformed by flash and popularity. Search out the facts for yourself. "Nothing about us, without us."

Love and light to you all.


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@mamacita Right on! [Oops, there I go dating myself!] Learning to stand up for ourselves and what helps us survive best each day, is tough. For so long we gave just "gotten along", and suffered our best selves. No more. Now I simply will not abide by that. It has taken many by surprise, wondering what happened to that passive person, how did she get replaced by someone speaking up for themselves?

In four weeks I will be in Rhode Island for a week for a training conference, and will meet over 100 people that I have never seen before. Also, I have to negotiate a cross-country flight with a layover, too. My organized brain says, "piece of cake", while the rest of me is full of nerves and trepidation. I already contacted the organizers, and told them specifically where I will feel most comfortably placed [yeah for me for standing up for myself!!] in the conference room. If we don't say something, it won't happen!

For today, I am grateful to be able to share here.