Seizures caused by heat

Posted by heal33 @heal33, Jan 26, 2021

Has anyone ever experienced seizures caused by being in a room that maybe is too warm for them? I seems when I sit in a warmer room
a seizure can come on. At first I thought it was because I was relaxed but after reading the internet it's not uncommon for seizures to be brought on by heat.
My seizures are also caused by looking at a computer screen or TV. There is a name for that but I forgot ot.

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Yes, Yes, and YES!!!!!! We are dealing with this issue on a daily basis with my daughter. I can guarantee a seizure every single time there is a temperature change. Being out in hot weather -getting in air conditioned car. Getting out of the shower. Getting out of a warm car into the cold air. Temperature change is definitely a trigger. The next question is what to do about it. 🙁


I live in a duplex and there is a disparity in the heat so it is warm in my bedroom upstairs and cold downstairs in the winter. I keep a log and I was surprised it
only happened once in June out of six episodes (which were mainly in cold weather). It can get hot in my bedroom in summer sometimes–July and August. I have 2 other causes giving me problems– the television and my computer. Others happened in various different places inside my home. Oddly enough, my seizures don't happen outside.

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