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Posted by hermsenk @hermsenk, Apr 27, 2018

Now that my son is more mobile with activities, work, school, sports, etc. I am interested in getting him one of the watches that can link to Smartphones to alert us if he has a seizure. I would like one that can tell time also so it does not draw unneccisary(sp) attention. I have researched but costs are not well advertised for the device and the app, etc. Thanks in advance!

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My daughter used smart-monitor. She stopped using it cause it was very sensitive. She couldn’t clap, wave to anyone with out it sending an alarm. But I know people who have an Apple Watch which the patent of the smart monitor watch, and have no issues.

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Hi, @mst3000 – I merged your post with this one called "Seizure Watch-Monitors" so you could discuss the EpiWatch, one of the digital tools for patients who experience seizures, with others discussing similar topics. Looks like the kind you are talking about is an app that tracks seizures and collects data, and also helps track medication and possible triggers.

As far as I can tell, it's only available as part of a research study at present.

Hoping that members in this discussion as well as others who have talked about epilepsy may have further information or experience related to this app or other seizure monitoring tools, like @kerivb @hermsenk @dawn_giacabazi @bonnieh218 @robertjr @ahernandez @twiceinalifetime @jakedduck1 @jktaheri @michele016.

@mst3000, what other types of tools like this have you looked into?

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Thanks Lisa – What I have attached is a bit off topic from the Epi-watch but the beginnings of a method for taking data between neuron and cell structure attributes to identify functions that could be modeled through any type of control system analysis for downselecting autoimmune disorders, since autoimmune disorders could very well start at this level. Attached is a learning tool that could be brought into doctors by patients for kicking off discussions getting to an autoimmune diagnosis, where structural functions needing neurostabilization are required. If the doctor says the spreadsheet is necessary for helping research teams take data for eliminating autoimmune disorders, then it is a good day, if they say it is not needed, then it is an even better day!

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Neuron vs Cell Structure 07082016 (For Public) (Neuron-vs-Cell-Structure-07082016-For-Public.pdf)


I wear an Apple Watch and run the Seizure heart rate monitor and instant EKG. My heart rate jumps over 200bpm without activity. It can happen while I’m sleeping, sitting or moving. I wear an Apple Watch and run the Kardia heart rate monitor and instant EKG. But after a month it working stop so I am going with this link to solve it. The reasons for sharing is if anyone has any issue with Apple gadgets to use this to solve it because life is more important than money.

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