Does exposure to loud noise increase seizure risk for epileptics?

Posted by belladonna @belladonna, Jun 26, 2019

I work with the MR population in a large sheltered workshop. staff has numerous radios (6) going loudly, different music, I believe this increases seizures but I’m getting resistance on removing radios or putting on same station with lower volume. Please comment and if possible tell me where I can get a medical printout to back this up.

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Hello, @belladonna, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. As MR can stand for so many things even within medicine, I wanted to clarify what diagnosis or condition you are referring to with the population you work with?


First, thank you for your work at a sheltered workshop. I believe it takes a very special person to work in that environment.
My cousin is Mentally handicapped and works in a sheltered workshop. He collects antique radios and has about 300. He takes a radio to work as do many others. I know what you mean. When I go there and hear all the radios I think I’m going stark raving mad. All sorts of music, or what I’d define as racquet. Some listen to a tiny bit of music(?) with mostly static.
Although I don’t know of any references now, I know loud music has effects. My friend and I went to a concert in Las Vegas and it was so loud we soon left. My friend started getting dizzy and as we walking up the stairs she passed out. No other reason but the loud noise.
There have been many studies but so many are limited to the use of headphones.
I thought this was an interesting statement from a Harvard study. However we have to remember it was only one study,

But there was also an unexpected finding: attendance at cultural events had a surprisingly powerful effect on mortality. In all, people who attended concerts and plays rarely or never were 1.57 times more likely to die during the study period than people who attended frequently. Occasional concertgoers were in between.

Much of the information your seeking can probably be found on the web but medical and university libraries are also excellent resources. There are also companies that specialize in finding specific information but are fee based. I used one of these companies for a medical lawsuit and the info helped us win our case.
I hope someone has the information your seeking.

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