Seeking advice on inducing sputum

Posted by oram @oram, Mar 11, 2020

Hi, new to this group. My MAC was not symptomatic for many years, but recently I've had two episodes of coughing up frank blood and there is progression on the CT. My pulmonologist wants sputum as she thinks its time I should be treated. But I produce no sputum, have minimal dry cough. So I have Hypersal 7% and nebulizer. After first treatment, dry coughing but no sputum. Do I keep it up and hope something comes up? Has anyone else had this experience of disease of CT, but no sputum production. I'm a little worried about all the coughing because of the two episodes of hemoptysis where I just coughed up frank blood. She is talking bronchoscopy which I do not want because I have had tracheal surgery and am at high risk for tracheostomy with any intubation.

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You do not need to be intubated for a bronchoscopy .The pulmonologist can go through your nose. A bronchoscopy is unfortunately what has to be done when one can’t expectorate. No matter how hard I try I am as dry as a bone which is why I have to have a yearly bronchoscopy. I’m sure the MAC bacteria are having quite the party in my lungs. I was not a fan of a bronchoscopy in the beginning, but now I am used to it. Try not to worry. Remember also to have them test for susceptibility. It is easier to treat that way. Mine has progressed quite a bit so that is why I am on the meds plus Arikayce. Good luck!


oram — I read with interest your note. I have just the opposite problem. Produce green phlegm all day long — it just rolls out. I do albuterol, followed by saline, followed by tobramycin. Nothing stops it. I cough, clear my throat and go through this all day. Occasionally there is a better day but not normally. I would like the answer as to how to stop it. I might seem clear early morning, but if I swallow anything — it immediately starts the phlegm (even a drink of water). Very weird — hoping you get some answers although I am of no help.

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