Second opinion from mayo how to

Posted by Mike @meppard, Nov 30, 2017

How to get a second opinion from mayo

Hello Mike @meppard and welcome to Mayo Connect! I see this is your first post and I’m glad that you joined our online patient support group.

If you would like to get a second opinion from Mayo Clinic here is the information regarding appointment requests: Often, after the first consultation, Mayo experts can work with a local provider to continued care.

Also, there is a Mayo Clinic Care Network. Read more about the network and facilities here: As you can see, these represent other hospitals that work with Mayo doctors.

Here is a Mayo website regarding NETs that you might find helpful,

As you are posting in the NET discussion group, I’m assuming that you have recently been diagnosed with an NET? If you look at some of the discussions in the NET group you will see that all of us are in various stages of NET treatment.

If you are comfortable doing so, please share a little about your history with NET. As one who has had 3 NETs I understand some of the anxiety and fear that a rare form of cancer can have and I certainly understand your wanting to get the best care and treatment possible. Mayo Clinic is a good place to go for a second opinion.

We look forward to getting to know you better in your future posts.


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