Second opinion

Posted by fastback66 @fastback66, Tue, Nov 19 1:38pm

Six years ago I had a routine physical, towards the end of the appointment I mentioned that I occasionally get a flutter in my chest. I was an avid runner and in my late 50’s I was doing 7 to 8 miles at about a nine minute pace. The doctor left and the nurse came in to hook up a EKG. After running the test she said that she would be right back. She went to the next examination room and showed the doctor. I heard him say, I will speak to him. He came in and said that he could call an ambulance or I could drive straight to the ER. I had inverted T waves. I was admitted and the following morning I had a angiogram done. 45% blockage in the LAD and three other blockages in other arteries to a lesser extent.
Fast forward six years. I seem to have lost a bit of stamina and I am concerned that the blockages and getting worse. I collected my records including the CD of my angiogram and have been considering going to a large university hospital in Chicago for another opinion. When I had the angiogram I was told that where the blockage is, it could not have a stent placed there.

Yes i cant have another stent placed either thats when they said surgery..did u go to chicago i have heard so much good about them


I will travel to Northwestern university medical center after the new year. Luckily it’s only about an hour’s drive for me. They are very highly rated in cardiology.

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