Second heart ablation

Posted by wt1943 @wtshelton, Aug 13 10:27pm

Looking at my Second heart ablation, how many have had two and did that keep you in rhythm?

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Hi wtshelton, the short answer is Yes. I remember well how much better I felt after my second. I had my first due to a situation where my installed Pacemaker had to shock me back in rhythm and that was after being diagnosed with severe CHF . I had a situation where I caught a flu bug which caused an infection in the sac around my heart and fluid built up to the point my heart was trying to beat against it.
It caused my heart to enlarge which is not good for a heart. So after leaving the Hospital with a 5% injection Factor(normal is about 55) I was suggested to get a pacemaker Difibulator. This worked great with some meds and life went back to normal for about 3 years. My heart seemed to improve IF and got up into the 40-50 range. Well one night my heart went into its first arrhythmia and the pacemaker had to fire to get me back in rhythm. This prompted my first ablation. So I thought it was pretty successful but on a folow up visit my EP Cardiologist said he still thought I was having more arrhythmia than he liked and wanted to do a second one. Well the second one was very successful and life went back to normal. So my take on this is Yes especially since if your EP Cardiologist is the same one who did your first one he or she has a better idea now on what to expect on this second one.
Let's us know how you make out and if you have any questions please ask.

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