Sarcoidosis: Kidney Failure because of

Posted by JuneAnn @454june3736, Feb 17 6:34am

Has anyone else had kidney failure due to Sarcoidosis?

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@JuneAnn Here is what Mayo Clinic has to say about sarcoidosis

As you will read, a complication of this disorder can sometimes be abnormal calcium levels, that can lead kidney stones [and progress to kidney issues and/or kidney failure]. Is this something you are dealing with yourself? Are you under treatment for the sarcoidosis? If so, what medications are you taking?


I had kidney failure due to sarcoidosis almost two years ago. I was on prednisone for 1.5 years.
My kidneys are stable at working 23%. It is quite the journey. I am not on any medications for Sarcoidosis now.


I've been on low dose prednisone for 20 years I'm going to taper off in march I was only on 5mg. Good luck.


Wow!! I do hope that all will be great when you are totally off the prednisone.

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