Salzmann’s Nodular surgery procedure and recovery

Posted by beyes @beyes, Jun 6, 2023

Help! I have met with two different doctors regarding removal of my Salzmann nodules which are present in both eyes. Both doctors suggest surgery. Unfortunately the surgery procedures and post care differ. First doctor recommends removing the nodules and if necessary using a diamond burr, a temp lens would be applied to aid in healing/pain/scarring. He also tapes the eye for one or two days to protect from natural elements. He schedules an office visit day after the surgery, another a week later and final follow-up one month after. 2nd eye surgery would be scheduled based on healing of my first eye. 2nd doctor does not use a diamond burr nor a lens and does not tape the eye. She said she didn’t find they aided in reducing pain or healing. If anything the lens and tape contributed to discomfort and patients had issues with taping on and on to use the drops. She also only requires one week later post surgery follow up and suggested 2nd eye surgery 2 weeks later. Has anyone had this surgery with or without the use of a lens or the eye patch? Both doctors have great reputations but I’m beyond stressed which doctor to use because of the above mentioned differences. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Unfortunately I have no advice. Was just diagnosed with this and weighing my options. What did you decide to do?


Hi. Oh where do I begin…Two weeks ago today I had one eye done, There was a lot of pain, discomfort and sensitivity to light ( natural and artificial) for 6 days until they took the lens out. Sensitively to light got even more intense after they removed the lens (in both eyes) but it is getting better every day. The surgery also changed my prescription which I can’t do anything about until they do my other eye and the cataract surgery. My long distance vision and clarity is now better without my glasses but close us it’s worse with and without my glasses. My follow up appointment is not until mid August and that is when I hope to be cleared for my next surgery. This surgery is not complicated but my recovery was no walk in the park. I hope yours will be easier.


About 20 years ago an Ophthalmologist told me to have another visit when my eyes were blurry as I'd need cataract surgery. So when I made an appointment found out it was not a cataract in my left eye, but a Salzmann's Nodule. It was not deemed urgent, so another 10 years passed until it was causing enough stigmatism that I needed glasses to correct for that. A year later I had the Nodule removed (Wednesday this week). It is now Sunday and my left eye is very cloudy and I can't see well at all. It could be the lens but I've tried using drops and it has not made a difference. I have an appointment in 2 weeks and the large contact will be taken out at that time. I took a close-up of my eye and do think the cornea shape is now more round rather than a football shape. My right eye is 20/20 so very excited to see if the left eye will do well in 2 weeks. And later when the cataract is more urgent to repair, will have that surgery. Love the Ophthalmologist but not liking some of the comments made by his technician. She apparently thought I could go back to work the very next day rather than the following week. And never filled my request for Prolenza. Maybe she thought I didn't need it? So by Saturday afternoon I told CVS to cancel the order and I just used more steroid and antibiotic that was prescribed following surgery.

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