Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration

Posted by ladywillow @ladywillow, Jan 21 10:12am

Please submit your experience or any general info regarding this rate eye disease-Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration. I’ve had one surgery on one eye and have experienced complications and shingles in my eye. I’m 7 months post surgery and still have another surgery to do on the other eye plus 2 cataract surgeries. Thank You

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Hey Ladywillow, So glad to see your post!
I was diagnosed with Salzmann’s many years ago, in its early stage. It must have been in the late 90’s. I had no symptoms. My ophthalmologist monitored it for many years. I finally had some flares in the mid 2000’s. I eventually had surgery on one eye (1 nodule) about 10 years ago that has left some scarring. I had some vision loss from it, but not much and I still have uncorrected vision sufficient for driving. That doctor retired and I’m now at a different ophthalmology center.

I also have a nodule on my other eye that has not been as problematic. My severe dry eye aggravates the situation, so I’m constantly fighting to keep my eyes happy with ointment, drops, warm compresses, etc. Even acupuncture, which was quite helpful.

I am told that I have early cataracts. My cornea specialist informs me that they’ll need to address the nodules, prior to cataract surgery. I am apprehensive, but know I’m in good hands at a renowned eye center that I see a cornea specialist and a retina specialist, due to my Type I diabetes. I have been told that my Salzmann’s is not related to my diabetes. So far, I have no diabetes related eye damage and for this I am grateful.

I rarely run across anyone else who has this condition. I’d like to hear how you’re doing.

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