Salt Rooms for COPD

Posted by denisejones00 @denisejones00, Jun 26, 2023

I am a COPD patient. Are salt rooms a positive thing to do with this diagnosis? I was told that breathing in salted air decreases inflammation.

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Hello do you know how much salt to put in the nebulizer? And can you use regular table salt?

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Has someone suggested adding a saline neb to your routine? It can help to liquify the secretions in your lungs and make them easier to expel.

You place sterile saline (salt) solution in the nebulizer cup. The usual vials are 4 ml or 5 ml, meant for a single use. These come in several strengths, 0.9% ( also known as normal saline), 3% (which is a good therapeutic strength for assisting in lung clearance) and 7% (used specifically by people with NTM infections because it suppresses the bacteria.)

Use of sterile saline, nebulized directly into the lungs, reduces any guesswork as to how much salt you are getting, and the safety and purity.

The earlier discussion here was specifically about salt rooms, also known as halotherapy. There is some evidence these can be helpful for COPD, but as of now, there are no quality research studies - mainly anecdotal accounts, or small studies by specific purveyors.

Salt therapy is not for everyone - people with high blood pressure, heart problems, or who have coughed up blood should be very careful. And those who have reactive airways, such as with asthma, may find salt rooms or saline nebs may make their symptoms worse.

May I ask if you are already using a nebulizer? If you have a pulmonologist, have you discussed salt therapy with them?


My pulmonologist prescribes 7% vials & you use it with the nebulizer.


Hi I have been on this forum for about 4 months but haven't posted anything before. I have had copd for about7 years. I was a heavy smoker but quit and then got the H1N1 flue and spent 13 days in ICU on a respirator. I came out with copd.. It steadily got worse and about 8 months ago I was put on oxygen for 18 hours a day at 2 litters per minute. Someone on this post had mentioned oxygen rooms about 4 months ago. I am trying hard to improve my situation so did some research and wanted to try it. There were no rooms available in my area(I am Canadian)but found a salt inhaler or Amazon. I have been using it now for about 4 months and it has improved my breathing substantially. You can research the principals but basically it helps you clear the mucus from your lungs, I have decreased my oxygen supply to 1 litter per minute while still maintaining my blood oxygen levels and now walk 1 mile per day. I have given an inhaler to a friend with copd and she has also seen some benefits. I'm hot sure about the effects on other medical conditions so do your research but I am glad I tried it.

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