Sacral metastasis with pelvic pain syndrome

Posted by greglynch7 @greglynch7, Apr 25 11:45am

20 yrs of metastatic prostate ca with many bony but no visceral Mets and have been through every treatment option for horrific pelvic symptoms that have not been treated by chemo, EB radiation, radium 223 along with zoladex , enzalutamide. I am awaiting Pluvicto now.
I also had pudendal nerve, ganglia impar and superior hypogastric plexus blocks and ablations with no results.
Has anyone had, heard of, pelvic Mets with pelvic pain? I have failed all modalities. Thanks for any input or information you might have. Complicated

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@greglynch7, I know @dprdrissel talks about pelvic pain syndrome in this related discussion:
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Your cancer team seems to be offering a multitude of treatment options to help relieve the pain, but without success. That must be exhausting, not only to deal with the pain, but also the disappointment and frustration when the suggested treatment fails you. How do you manage to get some relief? Are you able to sleep?

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