Ruptured AVM: Has anyone dealt with photophobia?

Posted by avmcbellar @avmcbellar, May 25, 2020

thanks for all your input, he has been doing the all around, sunglasses doubled, hats, everything imaginable,he had the photo sensitive prior to removal of cataract, i had both done early in life in my 50's, no problems, we are both very blue eyed people, he is dark skin, i am very fair. He cant drive the car in the sunlight ! he hides in house with curtains drawn, tv on low light, cant
handle it. I gave googled away on everything, started to believe, this is a trauma to his thinking, but gonna give it some more time, then don know where we will go with it. He is a surfer, has surfed most his life, been in the sun forever, fishes, surfs, beach,
there you have it. Appt is 8/12, cant wait that long, will keep on looking for answers. Thank you again !! Marianne

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@sunny1971You're welcome. @colleenyoung has provided helpful info and links. It is miserable and a traumatic adjustment. I hope time heals and he is able to resume the activities he loves. Boy do your descriptions resonate with me. Its been a long battle. I gave up night driving a few years ago, have neuropathy and chronic migraine as well. I understand the pain of lifestyle change he and you (my hubby lives it with me) are going through. Stay informed, persevere and dont leave any stone unturned. Best wishes.

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