Anyone familiar with the clinical trial RMC-6236? Or how to enroll?

Posted by amchurch @amchurch, Mar 21 8:13am

Question,,,is anyone familiar with the clinical trial for RMC-6236? Or is currently enrolled in it? Or is familiar with how the process works?

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Yes, I am very familiar with this trial. RMC-6236 is a unique drug compound designed to be a “pan”-KRAS targeted therapy meaning it is potentially capable to target several of the KRAS variants-not just a single one.

Here is the link to the trial descriptor, all the sites currently recruiting and the contact phone and e-mail of the trial sponsor. Look for a site near you that indicates recruitment is open. Do a Google search of the institution and for the link to clinical trials. Once in that section of the facilities’ website where all trials are listed, search for RMC-6236. It will give you the contact info for the principal investigator (P.I.) and the clinical trial nurse coordinator. If you have difficulty finding this information, contact the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ( at 877.272.6226, M-F, 7:00am-5:00pm PT. Speak to a case manager who can look up contact info for the RMC-6236 clinical trial.

There is a lot of interest in this trial because 90% of pancreatic cancers are linked to a KRAS somatic mutation. That means each site likely will meet their accrual quota quickly. I suggest you obtain your complete medical records and follow through quickly if you are interested in participating in this clinical trial. They key pieces of information a P.I. will need to determine eligibility are: Cellular Pathology report confirming specific diagnosis, a surgical pathology report if surgery was performed, Radiologist interpretations of current and prior imaging (CT or MRI), copies on CD or the imaging, current blood chemistry and hematology reports. Chemotherapy log detailed administration of each chemo cycles, drugs used and concentrations. Most of this will be available on your patient portal and can be downloaded and sent as a pdf file. If you were not requesting copies of your imaging at the time they were done, then you will need to contact the medical records department to obtain them. The chemo administration log likely will not be in the patient portal. Contact your N.P. who can obtain that file which is usually in the form of an Excel spread sheet.


I don't normally follow financial pages very closely, but since recently discovering I have a KRAS G12D mutation, and Revolution Medicines (the maker of several KRAS inhibitor drugs, including RMC-6236) has been in the news a bit, I've been digging a little deeper, and this article from October 23, 2023 popped up: with the following:


"(RTTNews) - Revolution Medicines, Inc. (RVMD) shares are falling more than 42 percent on Monday morning trade after the clinical-stage oncology company reported test results of RMC - 6236 where the response rate was lower in pancreatic and lung cancer patients.

The response for the treatment of lung cancer was 37.5 percent, and excluding unconfirmed responses, the response rate was only 30 percent.

In pancreatic cancer patients, the response rate was less than 10 percent."


Investors are not usually scientists, but big investment firms often hire specialists to guide them in certain fields. What seems optimistic to the financiers may be pessimistic to the scientists and vice-versa.

I'm not casting doubt on the company or their drugs, only pointing out that sources like a non-traditional "outsider second opinion" on some of the scientific press releases pumped out by researchers and Big Pharma PR departments.

There are other articles from approximately the same time frame and later that are more favorable than this one, and several of them mention other drugs in the pipeline that you might not hear about elsewhere.

Caveat emptor!

Cross-reference to recent, related post:


Just hoping RMC-9805 performs better when it comes about, or that I’m one of the 10% !

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