Respiratory Culture Results

Posted by debbie1971 @debbie1971, Sep 28 3:06pm

Respiratory Culture:
Normal respiratory flora isolated
Light growth gram negative bacilli
several strains
Gram stain results:
< 10 PMNs/LPF
< 10 epithelial cells seen/LPF
No organisms seen

Could anyone clarify this for me? Will more testing be done to identify the gram negative bacilli and meds sensitive to?

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@debbie1971 I just saw this post and realized no one has replied. This is a preliminary result – if you are being tested for MAC, the sputum will probably be cultured for 6-8 weeks to see what grows, but it depends on the orders from the doctor.
If I saw that on my portal, I would call the doctor and ask what is going to happen next. If there are MAC symptoms, he may want to repeat the sputum test.


I think pseudomonas is also a gram negative bacteria.


Thank you for responding. It was determined the bacteria were from the oral cavity . However, I am on my second go round with MAC. Was on the big 3 for 5 years until taken off for a rest for 2 years. Fairly asymptomatic. Treated for a difficult pneumonia last December and was hospitalized at the end of April after bronchoscopy resulted in fever, chills. CT showed MAC . AFB was 4+. Sensititivity showed susceptibility to clarithromycin so started on the big 3 mid June with monthly sputum cultures. First 2 smears showed AFB 2+, then 3+ and 4+. Had another sensitivity done in August and received the results last night which show resistant to azithromycin. I am devastated. Have not heard from my ID doctor so don’t know what the plan will be. I am very symptomatic and have been since December. Lots of choking mucous in my throat all the time. I have been using albuterol and 7% saline since July, using the vest, and trying to use airway clearance techniques. A referral was started to UNC last week. I don’t know what else to do. Any ideas?

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