Red bump on testicle

Posted by qwhit0601 @qwhit0601, Jun 9, 2023

I have a red bump on my left testicle… I haven’t had sex or anything… What could it be?

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Hi @qwhit0601, Welcome to Connect. I've had ingrown hairs that appeared like a small red bump. It can be concerning depending on how large the bump is. If it were me and I was a little worried about the cause, I would see my doctor to find out what the cause is. Here's an article on the topic that may be helpful:

--- What the Bump on Your Scrotum Might Be and How to Treat It:

Have you thought about talking to your doctor or setting up an appointment?


How large is the red bump? Is it painful normally or to touch? Is it raised or flat and solid or hard? These are the questions your doc might ask. Without seeing it who knows. John Bishop gave you some ideas but if you’re concerned see your healthcare team or urgent care if you don’t have a regular healthcare provider.

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