Recurring Shingles: Any ideas to stop them recurring?

Posted by kelrad1217 @kelrad1217, Mar 21, 2020

Hi! I hope I am in the right place. I am searching for someone who has had similar issues to mine, or for someone who can steer me in the right direction
I am a 43 year old female who continues to have flare ups of what my doctors say are shingles. It starts the same every time. I feel as though I’m getting the flu with body aches and chills, but I never get a fever. Then I get severe headaches, with a few blisters that pop up on my scalp and temple and forehead. The pain is unreal and goes on for a few days to a few weeks. I get these flare ups several times a year, but the nerve pain seems to stay with me most of the time. Has anyone ever heard of shingles doing this??? I am really getting desperate for a solution to this painful problem

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Hi @kelrad1217, you posted perfectly and in the right spot. I also added this discussion to the Skin Health group ( where additional discussions about shingles are posted. I'm bringing in fellow members @cdcc @azbarb @deloresp and @paulbklyn who all have had shingles, although I'm not sure if they've had recurring shingles.

While we wait for others to jump into the discussion, you might appreciate this Q&A:
– Early Treatment Often the Best Response to Recurrent Shingles

How often do you get these flare-ups and what treatment is offered?


Thank you for the add, no I don't have reoccurring shingles just the pain ( which is enough ) posthepetic neurlgia


I had shingles in my left eye and forehead years ago ,i notice in times of stress and anxiety I become especially sensitive in that area .You could find it is an emotional trigger that sets it off as it is for me


I had shingles, my wife had done some research and found that Cold sore (hepes simpex) and Shingles (herpes zoster) are in the same family She had treated my cold sore with Lysine, which took the swelling down very fast all we had at the time was Swiss cheese which has l of Lysine and it worked, Then I ended up with shingles, She thought maybe being as they are in the same family Lysine will help. So she bought some and I took the recommended dose. I didn't blister like shingles do just a few tiny ones at the start. The pain was there, but I didn't blister anymore and It didn't seem to last as long. I do believe that stress or illness can bring on the sensitivity the same thing happens to me.

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