Recurring severe mouth ulcers and MGUS

Posted by djm123 @djm123, Oct 2 9:08am

Hi there, diagnosed with MGUS a couple of years ago. I get recurring, multiple and severe mouth ulcers. Due for a follow-up with haematologist end -Oct but in desperation saw a new GP who (surprisingly knew exactly what MGUS is) believes there's causation between MGUS and the ulcers (deficient immune response). To be honest I was quite relieved that there was some explanation!! The current bout of ulcers has lasted 5weeks and counting…. Am awaiting GP-requested blood test results to check zinc, vit b, magnesium, iron etc. Also feel fatigued during these outbreaks. Anyone else experienced this?

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I’ve never heard of MGUS but search for “Behçet’s” (beh-chetz{sounds like Chet Atkins}). Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have a dermatologist look at your mouth.


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@djm123, did you learn anything from the blood tests?

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