Recurrent GBM and treatment options?

Posted by amherst @amherst, Jun 21, 2019

Does anyone have an opinions or experience with Optune or Gliadel wafers for GBM cancer treatment? We are looking for treatment options for recurrent GBM. The standard GBM treatment (Temador and radiation ) plus one clinical trial with Keytruda did not work. Thanks

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@amherst Hello, and welcome to MayoClinicConnect. We’re not physicians, but we and the other members of MayoClinicConnect have lots of information and experiences to share. What has your doctor told you about the Optune system? And benefits and side effects? I’ll see what info Mayo has. I hope some others can contribute to the discussion


@amherst I was only able find out a little about the Optune system. It can be used in addition to chemotherapy or alone. Most of the side effects are related to the chemo. Only ones related to Optune are skin reactions at the device site and headache. Let me look around some more. Is there anyone who is also a patient at the doctor’s office you might talk to?


@amherst, I'd like to also add my welcome and introduce you to other members who have been talking about the Optune system for glioblastoma, like @tealover102 @marcyprof @bjh369 @nursnis @IndianaScott and others. You may also be interested in this discussion.

GBM Trials – TTFields brain device

I look forward to hearing from you and getting an update.


Hello @colleenyoung , the Optune helmet is not available in Canada but if I could have this option, I would try it for sure.
For my part I receive a treatment of intra-arterial chemotherapy with Carboplatin which works well until now (the tumor regresses). Could this be an option for @amherst 's tumor recurrence? There are other possibilities, none of which have proved successful for all. You must try. Temodal works for some people with recidivism. (If the MGMT is positive, it seems that the chemo works better). The others take Lomustine or Avastin. There is ozone treatment as well that I plan to try one day. And the ketogenic diet combined with the DCA supplement seems to succeed to some, that I can do, so … I do it!
My idea is to give a bad soil to my tumor. I do everything I can to hurt it. I'm hopeful that in all these actions we try, one of them will work.
"May the force be with you".

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