Recently started Bupropion (Wellbutrin)

Posted by lalyfa @lalyfa, Jul 3, 2018

3 months ago I started taking Bupropion XL 150mg. It seemed to help me in several ways and I was happy with it. No “fuzzy” brain feeling, I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed, eliminated no reason crying spells, etc. I thought I could use a little stronger strength but I didn’t want to increase unless I really needed to. Since I made progress with the 150mg I decided to stay there! Then about 10 days ago a family situation occurred which sent me in a tail spin! Finally, settled done from that then I had a big issue with my mentally-challenged brother who lives with me (I am his caregiver). Since then I feel like the Bupropion is not working as it was. Crying a lot for no reason, waking up in the morning feeling terrible, no motivation. Is it normal for this to happen where I felt better than have a set back? I am now going to increase to 300mg to see if that helps. I don’t like to have to increase my anti-depressant dose but hopefully this will be the right dose for me! Again I’m just curious if anyone else went through something like this?

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Hi, @lalyfa — glad to hear the buproprion (Wellbutrin) XL 150 has been helpful, at least till lately. I am not a medical professional, but we have had other members talk about challenging situations that have come up in their lives while on antidepressants and that they did not feel completely "covered" symptom-wise anymore at that point.

I'd like to tag some of our members who have talked about buproprion to see if they may have some thoughts on your situation, like @toomanycats @mollymiller @tonysdca @cathy615 @robbinr and @jeannegordon4. @gailb and @gman007 also may have some thoughts for you, as well as @jimhd.

@lalyfa — what was your doctor's input on what you've experienced?

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