Pulmonary Aspergillus

Posted by patbrennan @patbrennan, Sep 15 5:07pm

Does anyone know of a specialist in Chicago area treating Aspergillus fumigated and/or Aspergillus Terry’s in lung?

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I certainly can’t address your question about physicians who treat your diagnosis but can tell you that my husband had same and getting an accurate diagnosis was the most difficult part. He was prescribed voriconazole which was effective. Aspergillosis left him with Bronchiectasis which is why I am in this support group. Don’t wish that for you!


Two years ago I had lung cancer surgery and on follow-up the nurse wrote down “Bronchiectasis” as something I should consider having. No physicians have mentioned this after my surgery and none in relation to my Aspergillus Terry’s or A. fumigatus


On looking back at my medical records Bronchiectasis was mentioned by nurse after lung cancer surgery and in separate Radiologist Report of chest.

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