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Posted by @jdasilva620verisonnethommerr, Nov 16, 2011

hI i HAD A VERY PERSONAL AND FRIGHTENING EXPERIENCE HAPPEN TO ME 4 WEEKSA AGO THE MAN THAT I LIVED WITH FOR 12 YEARS STRANGLED ME AND TOLD ME THAT HE WANTED TO KILL ME AND THEN last week he broke my finger i am very sad confused and scared and cannot get it out of my mind he is no longer living with me i hope i will get pass this i cannot think straight nor sleep and keep crying i hope as time goes on it gets better thanks for listening!!!!!!


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Posted by @nativefloridian, Nov 16, 2011

First, if you haven’t changed the locks on the house, do so asap. If you haven’t done any of these things, please consider: Please go talk to the police, an attorney, a psychologist and your family and close friends. You need protection from this individual. You can press charges, you can get a restraining order through the court to keep him away from you and you can make others aware of the death threat. If he broke your finger, you obviously have medical evidence that can support a charge of domestic violence against this man. Don’t just sit around waiting for things to change, take action and get to a psychiatrist, m.d. that can also diagnose you, if you haven’t already. The PTSD is real and it needs to be dealt with, you are a precious person that has been traumatized by someone with real problems. YOU need to take care of yourself and protect yourself asap. Don’t waste any time, take off work or whatever you need to do to make this a priority. I pray you will be well soon.


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Posted by @jacqueline, Dec 9, 2011

Make sure that you confide in friends so that they can help you stay safe and focused on a future without this man. Was substance abuse involved? It’s not a reason for people to act that way, but it sometimes reveals the anger the perpetrator is harboring. I agree about changing locks, etc. Keep in mind that this person will always be a danger to you, even months or years later. I don’t know what goes on with these nuts, but I have been in your shoes. Try to see if you can recognize early signs of this man’s behavior. Make sure you don’t find another person with the same traits. I had that problem. The men were noting alike in appearance and manner, but the freak was still hiding within, I used to think it was my fault somehow, as it kept repeating itself. I finally discovered that it was someting that I was subconsciously looking for – not the anger, but whatever it is that those idiots all had in common. My parents had a violent relationship when I was growing up. My mom was bipolar and committed suicide on her 40th birithday in 1980. I was 21 at the time. The violence that I endured from men in my relationships during those years (80’s) occurred while my mother was still living, and shortly thereafter. I no longer tolerate physical abuse – just the occasional PITA husband stuff. My kids are happy young adults. ps- I suffer from depression but treat it successfully with Prozac and the fellowship of AA


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Posted by @bootsz, Nov 26, 2011

Please make a police report, get a restraining order, and contact your local battered woman’s shelter. They will help you. Here’s a number to call ASAP! 1?800?787?3224 & Here’s the URL:
Your state also should have a victim/witness program, that can help you move, with medical expenses, and other services.

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Posted by @roxie43, Dec 3, 2011

I am sorry you experienced that. He sounds ill himself. make sure you are safe at all times and surround yourself by family, friends, community support, the legal system and a good therapist. In addition to depression, I too have PTSD since childhood and it gets better but when one is re-traumatized in can be debilitating. I am glad that you are alive and he was not able to kill you. You will get better as time goes by and your reaction is completely normal. Make sure you have support systems in place and try to be good to yourself. You are probably heart broken and depressed as well but remember that you did NOTHING to make someone want to hurt you! Don’t allow yourself to even think that you deserved any of this crap. Stay away from him and if he tries to contact you have someone tell him to get help. Trying to hurt a love one and/or end their life is a sign of pathology and he needs some serious help. Protect yourself and treat yourself to good things and it’s ok if you become a little selfish and simply focus on yourself right now. A little self love goes a long way but always remember that you are not alone.

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