Psoriatic Arthritis

Posted by lemdjm @lemdjm, Feb 27, 2017

I am a 74 year old female who has had psoriasis for over 40 years. The psoriasis was present on my scalp and ears in flares from time to time. I never experienced joint swelling and joint pain until recently. About one month ago I experienced an abrupt onset of severe joint swelling in my hands wrists, feet, and neck with severe pain. At first I suspected that it might have been related to my oncology medication, Arimedex that I began taking approximately 4 months before my sudden joint problems began. Testing ruled out Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. My oncologist did not think that the joint issues could be related to the Arimedex, however, he recommended that I suspend taking the cancer medication for 4 weeks while I was given oral Prednisone for 23 days (referred to as Pulse and taper). I am on day 22 of the Prednisone and the joint swelling and pain is no longer present. My oncologist wants me to resume the Arimedex, however, I am afraid that the severe joint pain will return. I am hopeful that additional diagnostic testing will determine the underlying cause of my joint swelling. If anyone reading this has had similar problems or any information related to my situation I would be interested in your comments. Thank you.

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@peach414144 Goodmorning peach . I know you have a lot of problems I hope you have been able to get some relief from some of them I have osteoarthritis not what you have so sorry I cant address that. Hope you find some relief for this . Just wanted to say Hi have a good day . Keep positive that's what keeps us going . Bless you Linda

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Dear Lionness, Thank you so very much for thinking of me. Peach


How can it be? Never knew psoriatic arthritis "goes away". Here I am. Send it to me and take it away please. I think they meant it was in remiss for a while until it comes back to attack you some more. It is not friendly. Good luck for now

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I know, it's not supposed to go away but mine did. Several years of practicing Qigong


I know, it's not supposed to go away but mine did. Several years of practicing Qigong

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I am going to google Qigong and see if a crippled82 year old can do this. Thank you peach


Hi! I have been using Cosentyx since May 2017. I tried MANY medications such as Methotrexate (liver issue), Humira (Allergic reaction), Enbril, and IV once a month of Remicade for 9 month (didn't work). Finally, Cosentyx came on the market! It works for my Ankylosing Spondylitis! I felt the benefit right away. We the help of my rheumatologist, I have worked to stretch out the once a month injection to every 6-7 weeks. The pain is not completely gone but I am managing well with minimal NSADS, diet and essential oils. I hope the same for you too. Please let me know.

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I'm so glad it has worked for you. I'm hoping that it will work for me too.


I just read an article in my Mayo Newsletter – Controlling Your Arthritis that I thought might be helpful for members in this discussion.

Diet and psoriatic arthritis: What's worth trying?


Hello Lemdjm I am Peach, I have Psoriatic arthiitis (with some psoriasis). Also have rheumatoid arthritis and hypothiroidism (slow thryroid) which makes three autoimmune diseases. Have been told I have four but do not remember what it is. The fingernails on my right hand are so bad I need to wear gloves for fear of the nails catching on to something and being ripped off. My life was pretty good until I hit age eighty. Never had a bad time with the swelling and the pain, pain, pain until now. Nothing helps even the opioids so I do not take them. I decided i wanted to live so I suffered, and suffered over and again even wanting to kill myself. But who would take care of my cat and dog? Which is why Ia am still here. At this point in time it (the RA and PSA seem to be fairly silent) and am enjoying life without the horrible pain, just middle of the road pain. The one good thing about the pain is that it keeps the appetite down hence keeping a low weight which does help I think. Also which might help is THE VERY VERY IMPORTANCE OF A LOW SALT DIET. This at least for me does help the swelling and the pain. Ahhh there is so much more but that is enough for now. Hang in there so the dog can give you a kiss and the cat will purrrrrr. Peach


For Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Try giving up gluten for at least one month. That almost eliminated my Psoriasis. One piece of wheat bread or slice of cake and I get a plaque. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis by 3 different Rheumatologist and have the HBL127 blood factor. My PA disappeared after a number of years of practicing Qigong. Its out there, I know, but it actually happened to me. Can't hurt. No one touches you or gives you anything to swallow. No drugs. It's a 4000 year old form of healing, and the forerunner of yoga and acupuncture. You can even receive treatments from a practitioner on the other side of the globe. Oh yea, I also survived a really rare form of sarcoma. I couldn't find a doctor who ever had treated a case.My oncologist searched the web for a treatment regiment. It worked but nearly killed me. I lost a lung and one side of my diaphragm from the huge doses of chemo and radiation. After my surgery none of the tumor or affected lymph nodes were still malignant. None of the surgeons in my doctors practice had ever seen that happen before. Between all the doctors I consulted with at the U of MN,, Fairview Clinic and Mayo, only one doc had ever seen that happen before. I did a meditation for healing cancer everyday for months and trongs of practitioners worked on me. I'm not saying that Qigong was what healed me but I would never rule it out. I would never tackle any disease without modern medicine and drugs but I would never do it without Qigong. If you want to know more, goggle Spring Forest Qigong. Don't pay anyone large sums for this service. I know plenty of people who work for pennies. I'd work on you for free. Some claim to be healers. I am a helper. I believe Qigong can allow your body to help heal itself and that someone like myself can rebalance your energy to help your body do that. This is complimentary care. Nothing more. It is not medicine. It is not a substitute for a doctor, drugs or modern medicine but many people believe, as I do that they have benefited from it practice. Love and Blessings.


Welcome @lemdjm.
Please allow me to introduce you to fellow Connect members @marylou705 @jewel8888 @jerseygirl926 @julz @boxermomma and @slbeall, all of who have spoken about psoriatic arthritis. Hopefully they will have some thoughts about managing joint pain.

Joint pain and stiffness are known side effects of Arimidex (anastrozole) an aromatase inhibitor used for treating some types of breast cancer. You can read side effects in this drug info from Mayo Clinic You may also wish to post a message in the Connect Breast Cancer group to this discussion about anastrozole:
– Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole

I can imagine that you’re concerned about starting anastrozole again. Anastrozole is one of 3 aromatase inhibitors. Each has a different set of side effects. Perhaps a different drug would be better for you. Have you talked to your oncologist about taking exemestane (Aromasin) or letrozole (Femara)?

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I started anastrozole in October of 2019 before my mastectomy and have been taking it ever since. At first I didn't notice any side effects after some initial nausea. Now I have developed arthritis in my hands, carpal tunnel, body aches, severe knee pain and stiffness and insomnia. The answer to my concerns was met with "walk more". Tough to do in the dead of winter and now my knee is so unstable and muscles and tendons are so sore that just getting around the house is a problem. The oncologist has given me a three week vacation from taking it, but it takes that long for it to leave your system so not sure I will notice the difference. It seems difficult to deal with all of this and the fear of the cancer returning.


They recently found psoriatic arthritis in my sacrum on an MRI with other details I don’t know what it means. Does anyone know what it means when you have edema in your bone marrow? Is that part of PA?

I have lumbosacral radiculopathy, degenerative joint disease in spine, Paraspinal muscle spasm that won’t resolve (since last nov.) I developed swallowing trouble back in Nov, the same time the Paraspinal spasm reared its ugly head. I have other conditions but will keep it to the PA & DJD.

To be brief:
Just finished a 2wk low dose steroid to determine if i have inflammation from PA that it helps. If so, dr wants to put me on an injectable med for PA> I don’t know what that med could be, we didn’t cover that. I have a 2wk diary I’m going over w/her in a couple weeks to determine course of action.

Neuro want to see what determination is made by Rheumy, to see if she will up the pregabalin thats trying to treat my neuropathy. The 150mg is not cutting it. But diet change is doing something for that.

I’m on a host of other drugs for other conditions and I’m scared that this injectable might interact with them. It would not be the first time. Because I’m on so many I’m not taking other meds I need but can’t take them because it might raise bp or affect sodium and chloride levels or something else.

So, oh I also have skin psoriasis but its not that bad. But it hangs on. I ignore it. So, I’m wondering:

1. What drugs (injectables) are out there to treat PA found in sacrum?
2. Are there any serious side effects?
3.What questions should I be asking my Rheumy about PA because quite frankly my lower back has been bugging me but the neuropathy is worse. Except for the unresolved back spasm.

Thank you kindly for your time! Nemo1

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