Protect Your Vaccine Record Card

Posted by Merry, Volunteer Mentor @merpreb, Apr 4 8:46am

I was just looking at my half-finished vaccination card. Next Sunday is my second vaccination. I can't wait. It's been well over a year that I've been out and about as most of us.

But hold on, what do I do with my card once I'm vaccinated? CNN has some wonderful tips.

First off make sure that all the information on the card is 100% accurate BEFORE you leave where you are getting vaccinated. (name, date of birth, and the date and location of the vaccine — for accuracy. )

Secondly, take a photo of both sides on your phone, for the first vaccination (if possible) and then the second. Keep a copy on your phone and email a copy to yourself. Then photocopy it and keep at least one copy with your important documents.

Lost cards or very damaged ones need to be replaced. Contact the provider of your vaccinations if you need to replace yours. You might want to jot down the time and place of your vaccination in case you lose your card and need to replace it. Visit your health department immunization information system (IIS). My state has a COVID-19 Vaccine Portal through the State Department of Health.

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Thank you!!!!!!!!

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My pleasure! The young man on the phone was so helpful. He said that he’s usually filling out the form as he’s talking with the patient on the phone! I hope you have a fabulous vacation!! Stay safe.

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