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Prolonged QT interval

Posted by @stephiebum, Mar 15, 2012

I’ve just recently been told by a doctor that he thinks I may have a “medication induced” prolonged QT interval. Knowing what I know about them and my recent medical history, this “diagnosis” makes sense. But I am now wondering, I’ve always had a pretty high resting heart rate, is there some sort of correlation there? To me, they almost seem to oppose each other in what is happening. Also, my family doctor is hesitant to refer me to a cardiologist. He thinks it is an allergic reaction. Last time I took a contraindicated medication for prolonged QT, I ended up going to the hospital when sharp (but not overly severe) chest pains, tightness in my chest, and shortness of breath. I also had a heart rate of 180BPM. Any thoughts anyone?? Im a little confused here about what is going on in there….


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