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Prolactinoma Linda

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Prolactinoma Surgery

Posted by @prolactinomalinda, Sep 11, 2011

Hi. I recently had a prolactionma removed @ the Mayo. I’m currently recovering from the surgery. Would like to chat and share infor. on post-op recovery and share tips and info. Happy to share my current experience.



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Posted by @mybeau12, Aug 15, 2012

Did u have a puitary tumor, that was producing high levels of
Prolactin , also did the surgery had to do with invasive surgery, like going
Thur ur nose? I have a puitary tumor, and my prolactin levels were
High, that’s how I founf out, I have go many concerns, please write me back
And tell me all about it, right now my Encorine Doc are running tests, us know blood work and thyroid tests…I am so scared

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