Problems with Urine retention after Colonoscopy

Posted by cent66 @cent66, May 18, 2023

Had the colonoscopy procedure, after completion and removal of 2 non cancerous polypos, I noted I felt bloated, etc. After about a week of this bloat, I was unable to pass urine and had the foley catheter. One week later, the catheter was removed, and I had the void test, could not pass urine. Is there any connection between colonoscopy and urine retention? Prior to Colon test, I had no trouble passing urine...Ideas?

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Anesthesia may have been the culprit but for 2 years wow. Are you able to get an erection in any manner? There are tests that a urologists can perform to ascertain your nerve conduction in your penis. I encourage you and your wife to find a urologists who specializes in treating this. It’s not true ED which is due to blood flow blockage. Anatomically passing the colonoscopy thru the distal colon can hit near the prostate since docs used to access it the same way to digitally check the prostate. There are newer tests available that do not require a routine colonoscopy. You send a sample of poop to a lab and they run tests for cancer markers. If no markers found no colonoscopy needed. I hope this helps you out, your wife, her friends, your family too.


I had a routine colonoscopy and next morning had lots of pain and was first morning since I was 12 that I didn’t wake up with an erection.. Went to hospital and they said my appendix was infected and about to burst. After closer examination by second doctor, they determined it was just air. He let it slip that they must have used WAY too much air. I have not had an erection since. Doctors refused to admit it was related. Finally found a doctor who did a pelvic MRI and I have a damaged prostate. Have you had an MRI to see if this might be the same case for you? I hear lots of men taking about ED and urinary issues after a routine colonoscopy and it certainly isn’t listed in the complications warnings. It’s made such a horrible impact on my life! I’m only 52 and my wife and I have not been able to have sex for the last two years! It’s emotionally devastating as well when you can’t perform. My wife and a lot of our friends now refuse to have a colonoscopy after seeing just how many people have life altering problems after one. No “routine screening” should cause significant permanent problems in as many people as this does!

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@lovelearn can I ask, your MRI showed it your prostate damage. Was it with an infection. or something else? My dad is still looking for answers. He had a colonscopy. How many doctors did you see before ?

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