Posted by JK, Volunteer Mentor @contentandwell, May 30, 2018

Does anyone know if probiotics can be used if you are taking immunosuppressants? Frankly, I have had so many questions recently for the nurse coordinator that I think she is getting annoyed with me so I hate to ask her this too. A number of people have mentioned to me that it could help with some of my digestive almost daily digestive problems. I've looked online but not really found much so I suspect that it is OK but I tend to be fairly cautious.

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@contentandwell I would ask your pharmacist. They would know. Let us know what you find out. I would like to know as well.

@jodeej I will do that today or tomorrow, I want to ask her about something else also – how much time if any I need to leave between my immunosuppressants and my levothyroxine. I asked the pharmacist at CVS where I get one Rx, my immunosuppressant, and she said I had to leave four hours before and after the levothyroxine, but I know that is not true. Heck, an 8 hour window? I don't think so.

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