Proair (albuterol sulfate): What helps to get my energy back?

Posted by gcranor @gcranor, Aug 3, 2022

I just started to us the inhaler with albuterol sulfate and had a couple questions that I forgot to asked the doctor.
Is it addicting?
I am using it to open my airwaves when I go to sleep; does anyone else use it for that?
My O2 level is average 94; could that make me tired all the time?
What helps gaining energy back so I can go to exercise class at 6:00 PM (I am ready for bed at 4:30).

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Albuterol Sulfate is among the most common medications used to treat shortness of breath in asthma and COPD. It relaxes the airways to make breathing easier, it may help bring your O2 level up a bit.

Albuterol is classified as a short acting Beta agonist (SABA) drug – it relaxes the muscles in the airways. Is is not addictive. An Albuterol inhaler can typically be used 4-6 times a day as needed.

A consistent level of 94% is at the lower end of oxygen saturation for active pursuits, so I am not surprised you get tired. I do not have COPD, but have lived for many years with asthma (my own & 2 kids.) We have routinely used Albuterol inhalers before and during exercise.

Maybe you could ask your doctor about using Albuterol more frequently and see if it helps your oxygen level and energy? There are also some combination inhalers, with longer-acting meds, that are often prescribed for better long-term symptom control.

Have you asked your doctor for other options?


Hi @gcranor, I'm wondering if you saw Sue's suggestion about asking your doctor if using albuterol sulfate more frequently might help increase your energy levels. @mrbill also uses albuterol sulfate and may have some thoughts.

Gcranor, do you find that exercise helps your energy levels? Might there be a class you could do earlier in the day?


Good morning- I'm curious to know what your pulmonologist has told you about COPD. It is a progressive disease that does not go away. It is manageable and treatable. Usually, Albuterol can increase your energy, or you might need an additional inhaler. I've looked back at some of your history but not all. Would you please bring me up-to-date about when you developed COPD and if you have emphysema?
I use albuterol for exercise, maily. But I also use Trelegy Ellipta. I have lung cancer and COPD with emphysema.

Have you recently had any procedures performed that have set you back? A 94 oxygen sat. shouldn't make you that tired unless you are on other meds that can. Do you now if they do?

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