Premature Ejaculation

Posted by shahinsiahpar @shahinsiahpar, Sep 24, 2021

I have premature ejaculation. I cum in less than 30 seconds. What should I do?

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Try masturbating and hour or two before you go to bed with your partner. I presume you're an adult male and you may want to check with a urologists too to rule out any funky illness that presents with your symptoms.


Hello @shahinsiahpar and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. According to the information in the link below, there are two different categories for PE which include lifelong and acquired.

– Premature Ejaculation:
I am wondering if this is a new development or if you have always had PE?


You may want to consider a lidocaine based spray to help de-sensitize the penis. It works really well for many men. Experiment and follow instructions but do not overdo it.

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