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premature ejaculation

Posted by @skydog81, Oct 25, 2012

I suffer rom p.e. since first sex experience it`s ruined my life I`m now 60 and have had depression off and on all my life. I have or had low self esteem had fear of starting relationships because of fear of sexual failure, I must ad I had ample oppurtunities for dating amd meeting women I would walk in to a bar or social scene and notice women looking at me and could feel their interest in me but had to avoid invovlement because of disapointment that would come with the act.I`m married now for 21yrs. my wife and I have not orgasmed together in 15 yrs. or so and I know she is very responsive to any stipulation to her vagina and I`m sick of using fingers it`s degrading she performs oral anytime but won`t have me engage her! She never initiates sex since we were married, I`m now sixty and long for affection and a positive sex life I`m almost physically I`ll from it and I`ll ad she is not a touchy feely person [I am] and In believe she has a personality disorder [passive agressive] she never gets angry but I discovered she will retaliate weeks or mths. later with something very mild this is a dangerous cond. you almost go mad until you discover this,I had to research it because I was so baffled,Doctors say it is almost impossible to defeat or live with this.Has anyone have advice or succesfully been cured of P.E. help! Thank you.


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