What is the best Posture Corrector? How do you get them on?

Posted by lotsofpain @lotsofpain, Jun 28, 2021

I am looking for a brace that I can wear from time to time to pull my shoulders back and down to take pressure of my neck and upper back. It's obviously not a a solution to my poor posture just a helping and I've had one before but it hurts under the armpits. Does anyone know of 1. My physio sometimes uses adhesive tape to achieve the same result up because of where it is placed to be effective it is very hard to reach by yourself to remove so you need help

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Your therapists experience and training will allow them to find the best pattern for you, I think you should trust them to decide. It is very individual, and dependent upon your body, and there are dozens of variants. It is also a testing process – sometimes the first, or even second or third effort, need fine tuning to help in your situation.
As you have found, I am sure, there are no "instant cures" in dealing with bodies and pain.
Let me know what they finally recommend.
One tip – if they hit a pattern that works for you, have them take a picture on your cell phone for future reference.

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we are trying the one on the left as this as it seems to reduce pain but if it caisesw me to overwork my trapezius then the one n the right


@lotsofpain I too have been trying to find a good posture corrector. I did purchase one from Amazon but it hurt my underarm area so I returned it. I want one strictly to help with my posture which has gotten worse and worse. I am not experiencing any pain. I do some exercise videos meant to help with posture but so far have not seen any results. Perhaps my posture is too far gone for those to help me.

It looks as if you are getting some good help from a physiotherapist though. Do you need to return weekly to get the taping re-done?


These people say their brace does not hurt under the arms but i started this thread by saying i found it hard to put on the one time i got it on they were right it does not hurt under the arms avidda posture corrector on amazon. The taping lasts about 4 days and its then wise to allow the skin to breathe for a few days so while i am seeing the physio weekly that works when i am not my wife applies it, Because of where it is ideally you need someone to assist in removing it. Let me know if you need any further information

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