Post- TT Maze procedure (trans-thoracoscopic Maze ablation)

Posted by jenrev @jenrev, Nov 8 11:51am

Hello to all. I had this procedure done two weeks ago at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. I am recovering and was wondering if anyone in this forum has had this procedure and what it was like for them. I had the "less invasive" version of the Maze; instead of a median sternotomy, the surgeon accessed my heart through several "keyholes" in my chest. I resorted to this procedure after several prior ablations and medication combos, none of which worked long-term to treat my longstanding, drug-resistant A-Fib and atrial ectopics. I will not know for 1-2 months whether the treatment has eliminated the arrhythmias.

I have not been able to find anyone else out there who has been through this procedure. Thanks in advance.

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I have been reading about this procedure. It seems to be statistically very successful for people in your situation. Please keep us posted about your progress.

I saw pictures of this procedure, and read the description. I realize you were out cold, but you know that it says you have to be on a heart/lung machine while they do this? What side effects do you feel now? Tell me about recovery….just the incisions? Internal healing too?

I wish you speedy recovery and an end to Afib!


Hello, and thanks for the good wishes!
For the thoracoscopic Maze, a heart-lung machine is not needed. I believe that's only needed for the full (sternotomy) procedure. They did sequentially deflate and reinflate my lungs to provide access.

I have several "keyhole" incisions that are healing well. However, the arrhythmias continue as the inflamed and injured heart tissue heals. I realize that I am only two weeks out from the surgery, but of course I am anxious for relief. Patience is the order of the day. They say it takes 3-8 weeks to feel fully recovered and have energy back.

Looking forward to a good outcome.


Thought I would post an update at the 4-week mark after my TT Maze procedure. I am definitely doing better! Objectively, this is the longest I have gone without an a-fib episode in years. I am still having some hours-long episodes of atrial ectopics (PACs) but believe those will continue to diminish. My energy is mostly returned and incisions mostly healed. I am glad I took the risk and made the effort to have this procedure. It has given me hope for relief from a-fib – if not permanently so, at least for a time. I would urge others who have been in the long-term arrhythmia battle to look into this possibility, too.

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