Post Covid and Secondary Infection: down and out?

Posted by javarose @javarose, Mar 27 11:04pm

Two months of weirdness and not finished yet.
Am 82, six shots, recent Covid case verified. PCR. One month later horrific wheezing cough like a barking seal, waking up neighbors sends me to ER. Tested Covid gone… new virus now called HVIP or parainfluenza 3- no cure. Switch to SteroidvInhalers. Costly in ER. Fierce cough still Wheezy continues — helpful some.

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God Bless You Precious Lady! Covid did a number on me and so many others. I was diagnosed with Long Covid which is very hard to treat. Some days are better than others. I still battle chronic fatigue, chronic sinus infections & I am more prone to asthmatic bronchitis & pneumonia. I am so sorry you are battling this. Praying for you right now. Hugs & Prayers....


Managing daily all sorts of new and mysterious quirks and essential steps to reclaim health. thanks ☺️


Courage...courage to all.
I suffer from sensory issues that keep me from feeling present. I have vision issues, and ringing ears plus sinus congestion. Yesterday was rough. Had a big meltdown...but then later, I colored eggs with my sweet grandchildren in the evening.
Keep going, keep trying.
We are still alive.

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