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post concussion syndrome

Posted by @hols, Sep 25, 2012

My 24 year old son had level 2 concussion in Feb., recovered by May where he was assuming normal day to day activities, including biking and running, but left work to recover. He played soccer at the end of June, hit one low/soft header and has been home with post concussion syndrome since. He cannot drive. Has seen neurologists and now post concussion management doctors, goes for vestibular therapy ,takes Gabapenten and Amantadine, yet still has headaches and is not able to resume work, computer work, or low key social activities. Could the medicine not work… thinking of taking him off of them – gradually – what else can we do????



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Posted by @maryinkansas, Sep 26, 2012

I am so sorry to hear of your son’s troubles. I was prescribed Gabapenten and I ended up in the Emergency Room feeling like I was poisoned. I don’t know the other RX he is taking but please google the RX name and read up on the side effects. Also check on google for post concussive syndrome Doctors and/or Support Groups. I have learned a lot from other people who have what I have uand are looking for support while we discuss new therapies and new treatments together. You and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers. Also go to Mayo Clinic’s main website, WebMD, Merck Manual, Neurology Today, etc….there are hundreds if not thousands of resources online.


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Posted by @hols, Sep 26, 2012

Thank you. I guess the bottom line is, is there a therapy and timeframe when one is recovered? If you know and are recovered, that would be great to know.

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Posted by @anon77906882, Oct 3, 2012

Dear Hols,

I contacted a friend whose son has had troubles after playing sports that resulted in many concussions. Here is her information and she hopes it helps your son.

Our son has had several concussions and I have researched the following options. It is possible that you could try the non-medicinal route of acupuncture. I have researched this and it is reported to help with headaches. Does your son have any learning difficulties after his last concussion? We found that the company Learning Rx is wonderful–it even helps veterans who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury. It certainly helped one of our children overcome a memory problem. Just be sure to ask for a Master Trainer, for the best results. This company provides trainers who work one-on-one to do mind exercises/puzzles often with a metronome, to take advantage of brain plasticity to build new neuronal pathways. If that is too expensive, and if I recall it is about $3,500-4,000 for the first full program of about 6 months, then another options might be I believe that is $15.00/month.(You can see if there is a Learning Rx franchise in your area by going to their web site.)

I so very much hope this is helpful.

(Also her son stopped the two sports where he had suffered the concussions.)

We wish you and your son all the best. It is so difficult when we see those we love suffering and we aren’t receiving help/treatment from the MDs. We will keep you in our prayers.


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Posted by @rebecca13, Nov 27, 2012

I am sorry to hear about your son. I was in a car accident in November of 2010. My doctor prescribed me the Amantadine as well, and told me to stop taking it when I feel great. I am still waiting for that day, over two years later. Because it has been so long, I have been researching concussions and PCS a lot more than I did at first. There are few medications to help with the pain and some people are prescribed anti-depressants because the PCS can cause emotional problems as well. But, really the best medicine for PCS is rest. Both cognitive and physical rest is the best answer as of now. My doctor did not fully shut me down when I was diagnosed two years ago, but now he has decided that was not the best idea. I went to cognitive and ocular therapy which also helped with my comprehension and visual symptoms. Once a straight A student, I do struggle with comprehension, but after the therapies I have seen improvement in word choice and understanding since my accident. I take about 2 hours a day, not including sleep at night, where I rest my brain. I don’t allow any stimuli in. I lay down in a dark quiet room. I turn my phone off and make sure I am completely alone with myself so that my brain can get some time away from the world. My doctor has decided this is really all we can do for now while we wait to take more tests to see more. I also take Fish Oil tablets because they help with brain growth and development. I don’t mean to scare you, by telling you of my two years and counting with these symptoms. But maybe if he starts the process that I have recently started, he will get better in less time. Best of luck!

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