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I just had my surgery 4 days ago. I was told before hand I would have some cramps after and could return to work within a day or two. This was not the case. When I woke up in the recovery room I had extreme pain in my stomach and back. I was given a large amount of different pain meds over a 2 hour period. I was treated as if I should only be having light cramps and my pain wasn't as extreme as it was. It was not a cramping feeling at all this was a very consistent pain that never let up. I finally got a pain shot and the pain calmed down enough so I could leave the hospital. When I called 2 days later about the horrible cramps so bad I cant stand up straight and the nausea I was told that I can not have nausea meds and cramps are normal. I had to practically beg to get 1 more day off of work. I have been taking tylenol and ibuprofen because pain meds make me to sick. I cant get anyone to listen. I dont feel right and don't think this is normal at all. Has anyone else had this extreme pain?

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I realize this was now 9 months ago. I'm wondering if you ever got relief. What ended up happening. I just had mime one week ago today. 9/6/23. And my symptoms are the exact same as yours were. The reaction of the doctors are also the same.