Possible vascular Dementia

Posted by lilacs1978 @lilacs1978, Jul 9, 2018

Hello, my name is Jenessa and I recently turned 40. On Feb. 1st 2017 I had a stroke. That was scary enough, at that time I was 38 and in relatively good health. Non smoker. Long story short I had a clot that caused a stroke. I am on blood pressure meds ( never had high bp before), cholesterol medication, baby aspirin and now a migraine med. Around five weeks ago I was sitting in my car and my head felt as if (pardon my comparison) someone had held a vibrator to my head and turned it on for 20 seconds. This had happened a year prior to my stroke and I just thought it was a strange moment. Since then my daily life is migraines, off balance, extreme tiredness, forgetfulness and sometime I just blank off into space. I feel like I am looking at life through a dream state. I have had a ct scan and an MRI in the last four weeks non of which found another stroke nor further damage from what I already have in my brain from my first stroke. It has been a year and 4 months since my first stroke and now I feel as if I am living a totally new life. I repeat myself and often feel out of it. I am seeing my neurologist next Monday for a follow up, I have been logging my blood pressure (which on medication seems to still average 130/95, sometimes higher sometimes a tad lower) I log when I forget things, when I am told I am repeating myself and when I am very drained. I am worried that this turn of events is leading to vascular dementia even at my young age. The daily events are adding up and concerning enough. Anyone have any feedback I would appreciate it. Thank you~

Finding out that what you thought was dementia but migraines could help relieve the pressure you were under, thinking you were loosing your mind, but not the pain of a migraine. Migraines can run in the family, my mother had them. I began having what I knew were not regular headaches so I had them checked out and I was having migraines, not the miserable kind, I call them baby migraines. I found heat helped me. They would start around my right eye and work their way to the back of my head and that was it. When I went to the migraine clinic I found Bengay really helped by putting it on my forehead, today I might wake up with the back of head/neck hurting. I turn the heating pad on low then after a few minutes I turn the pad off wait until it is cool and then it is time to get up. No pain.

Not many people have an OR RN as their best friend, you are very fortunate. Then having a compassionate male in your life means someone is watching over you. Relax…..relax…..and relax. The more you can relax and take your meds on schedule every day the better the chance of your BP can be under control…..low…..and lower.

I have found music is the best way to relax. If there are words I'll want to sing along or listen to the words. Quiet, soothing music, I do not know, in a darken room, in a comfortable chair works for me every time. I may fall asleep or just relax and not worry about anything. It may take a day or two before you really know if the new meds work. Continue to keep track of your BP. If you can take your BP before you relax for an hour, then take it again. Standing or sitting may make a difference. Good luck!


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