Possible seropositive RA diagnosis

Posted by lisabeans @lisabeans, May 24, 2017

I have had undiagnosed ai issues for over 2 years now. I also have dry eye and vertigo. Fun!! My rheumy checked off on my sheet seropositive ra but none of my blood tests have been positive except for my ana. I am going for more blood work and am currently on arava. Also my hair has been falling out. My primary suspects SLE lupus. My rheumy does not say what I have except inflamatory issues. I am so confused. I am going for a second opinion but can’t get into July. Anyone else have ra with blood work being negative?

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I had a biopsy cone back positive for SLE LUPUS. My blood work was normal. I’ve been told the blood work can be very tricky with RA and LUPUS. But I’m not sure if that is true. I hope you get answers.


Thanks. I had a biopsy done and it was negative. I have been getting sores on my back and scalp that are very itchy. No one knows why. It clears up with prednosone and has been pretty good on the arava.


Sounds like we may have the same thing. I have the RA antibody in my system but it has not been activated. However, it may be in the future. The major thing I have is autoimmune related to Hyperthyroidism and high inflammation. My hands (inside palms), feet (bottoms), eyes, throat, etc. all turn red after certain foods, I’ve found so I have to eliminate goitrens, gluten, soy, dairy, etc. Also, my hair is falling out too. I’ll have to review my lab results but mostly everything was negative and I’m normal. I have adrenal fatigue and am taking Taurine (1000mg) daily. I’ll be meeting with a doctor in early June in integrative health as a functional practitioner, who is ranked as one of the top specialists for depression and thyroid. I look forward to working with her. It was almost impossible to get in but I started with a nurse and her referral, and started working with this doctor’s staff who were working for her while in residency. The one I had left to complete her boards so I was able to get right in to see her.


Hi @lisabeans,

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@seesawer @kdubois @sandpiper09 @jewel8888 do you have any thoughts to share with @lisabeans?


Thanks everyone. I have been reading and researching all topics related to autoimmune issues. I also have ulcerative colitis so my rheumy says I am prone to ai issues. I wish we all get some diagnosis and treatment that works.

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