Possible Root Cause for SOB, Air Hunger, Difficulty Deep Breathing

Posted by nla4625 @nla4625, Dec 29, 2020

@yaramarthe gave us all an incredible Christmas gift by posting this article about MAST cell activation syndrome: https://hoffmancentre.com/mast-cell-activation-syndrome-histamine-immune-system-runs-rampant/. MAST cells are white cells present throughout our bodies that have to do with the immune system. When they are triggered and run wild, they cause all sorts of problems at every level -- heart, respiratory, circulatory, nervous system, etc. This article lists symptoms caused by MAST cells running amok on various systems in the body. The impacts on the respiratory system are wheezing, asthma, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing deep, air hunger, dry cough, COPD, chronic interstitial fibrosis. These MAST cell flare ups come and go and can cause various medical problems throughout our bodies at various stages in our lives. They don't show up on routine medical tests; and special tests have to be run to detect them when an event is happening. The article recommends tests to be undertaken to determine MAST cell problems. I've been doing a lot of reading about MAST cells the past week. I think functional medicine being practiced at the Hoffman Centre, Cleveland Clinic and others where scientists and doctors are looking for underlying root causes of diseases and MAST cell activation syndrome are two doors to answers a lot of us have been looking for. Andrew Weil has written that inflammation is the root cause of most diseases, and I now have a better understanding of the role Mast Cells running wild has in causing inflammation. Mayo Clinic and Mayo Connect have information about MAST Cell Activation Syndrome, but on a quick reading I found they pertain to specific rare diseases. They do provide links to other sources of good information, though, as does the article yaramarthe posted. At this point in my reading I need broad brush strokes. A really great site is http://www.mastattack.org written by Lisa Klimas, a scientist suffering from different illnesses caused my MAST cells running wild. Thank you yaramarthe and Mayo Connect for getting this really important and valuable information to us. Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year! Nancy PS I typed the link to the article in and hope I didn't mess it up. If I did, please look for the correct link under posts by yaramarthe.

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