Possible POTS diagnosis?

Posted by mh10 @mh10, Apr 25 1:58pm

Hi, I recently had a tilt table test and got my test results back on my chart, but have not seen the doctor yet to speak with him. Spoke with the medical assistant on the phone today and she said by looking at the test it looks like tachycardia, but she did not know how to read it and she was going to have the doctor. Call me tomorrow . I looked up these test results and it keeps saying it is POTS.
Is there anybody that can read test results and can let me know what they think about the conclusion on mine which I’m going to copy and paste here:
1. Sinus rhythm with normal blood pressure at baseline.
2. Mixed parameters of autonomic nervous system function as it pertained
the cardiovascular system.
3. No evidence of orthostatic hypotension.
4. Vasodepressor response to head-up table tilt-table testing with no
evidence of cardio-inhibition.
5. The 33-beat per minute increase in heart rate occurring 10 minutes into
the study is consistent with concomitant postural orthostatic tachycardia.

Any help is appreciated because I’m going crazy here, not knowing, and I am tired of being laid up on the couch for months. 😩

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